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Çankaya Güneş Energy Systems, the solution partner of Smart Energy Group in Turkey, foot assembly, steel construction installation, electrical infrastructure works of the designed SPP power plants purchased from Smart Energy  and panel assembly works on time, at the desired quality, max. It has been delivered within the given commitment period to allow production.

Our company, with this knowledge and experience, in turn-key projecting, assembly and commissioning processes of GES power plant projects that will come from you; expert technical staff, machine park,
  has sufficient knowledge and experience.
Our completed projects
  In total, the installation of .... MW power plants has been completed, and we are still working on the installation of 6 MW power plants.

As a recognized industry leader, we are used to working with clients of all sizes, local or global, small or large. Exceptional quality not only forms the basis of our company, it also guides all our decisions, from which materials to purchase to how to best serve our customers.


As we operate in a competitive field, we are constantly investing in technology and research activities that will keep us above average. Our commitment to quality is the guarantee of your satisfaction as well as the assurance of our success.

Our features

Highest Technology Available

Respecting Green

International  Quality management system

The Most Modern Vehicle Park

Min Cost/Max Profit

Expert Staff



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